Gentle Chiropractor in Mission Viejo

Mission Viejo Chiropractor Dr Manago discusses the gentle chiropractic techniques in reference to spinal mobilization.

There are many techniques that a chiropractor will use in their treatment. The kind that they use is normally dependent on the choice of the patient as well as what the doctor will see fit for the patient. There are those patients who will be comfortable when the doctor uses the high velocity low amplitude technique which is quite violent. Its nature makes it to be despised by many patients and rather they go for the less violent one which is the spinal mobilization. This is a technique that will involve very mild manipulation of the joints and the muscles so that the patient will just be relaxed while the doctor performs their work. Many people have loved this technique due to the fact that it allows them to be relaxed while undergoing the treatment. This low velocity technique may be chosen by a patient but may also be applied due to a number of other reasons which may include:

The preference of the patient

When the patient decides that they want to have this method used in their chiropractic care, then the doctor will have to use it. Many of those patients who go seeking for chiropractic treatment will choose this method over the spinal manipulation due to its gentle nature. For the other one, there is a lot of thrust involved and many patients don’t find this to be entertaining. This is what prompts them to pick the mobilization technique at the expense of the other one.

Nervous systems

There are those patients who have a nervous system that is quite sensitive. These are the kind of patients who may not have the spinal manipulation used on them due to its violent nature. Rather, the spinal mobilization is very gentle and for those patients who have this kind of problem. This technique is known to keep the body free from overreacting which can cause more problems that the patient already has. This could bring more pain and thus it is undesirable to use the high velocity techniques.

Advanced osteoporosis

This is a condition that will also call for the doctor to use the spinal mobilization technique. This is because those patients with this kind of situation will need a technique that is very calm and one that will not involve any form of thrusting which could trigger pain to the patient. Some other forms of inflammatory arthritis may also force the doctor to use the mild technique in order to protect the patient from more pain that may come along when the technique is used.

Acute pain conditions

When a patient has reached the levels of acute pain, then the doctor may choose to use the gentle technique so as to avoid triggering more pain to the patient who is already in great pain.



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